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Why Casual Dates Work The Best

First Date Bowling

If you’re planning to meet someone for a date, then one of the best things to do is keep things casual, regardless of whether you met this person online or in real life. In this guide, we’re going to explain why casual dates are often best, as well as give you a few ideas that’ll show you how to set up a casual date. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’re going to feel a lot more confident about this type of dating. So let’s begin.

Firstly, it’s important to realise that most people get a little nervous about dating, especially when they really like the other person. With this in mind, a casual date helps to take away a lot of the pressure that comes with the dating experience.

The traditional date of ‘dinner at a formal restaurant’ is considered fairly high pressure these days, and it can often feel more like an interview than a fun experience. What’s more, many people aren’t comfortable eating in front of their potential partner on the first date!

One of the best types of stress free dates to arrange, is simply to go out for drinks. This can either be an alcoholic drink at a bar in the evening, or a simple coffee date in the day. It’s much easier to get someone to agree to one of these informal dates, in large part due to the low pressure nature of them.

Man And Woman On Casual DateAdditionally, it’s worth pointing out that a casual date is going to be much gentler on your bank balance, too. If you’re going on a lot of dates trying to find the right person for you (which is often the case if you’re trying out online dating) then you don’t want to spend too much on each date, before you even get to know someone. Instead, it’s far wiser to keep things casual and only spend a few dollars on drinks.

This gives you a simple, no-pressure activity that serves as a backdrop to the conversation you’re having. If you’re both hitting it off really well, then you can always ‘upgrade’ your date and go for a meal later. But if you find there’s just no attraction or chemistry between the two of you, then neither of you have lost more than a little time and a few dollars for the coffee or drinks.

Overall, choosing a low pressure, casual date is the best thing to do for any ‘first date’ you’re setting up - simply because casual dates work best for everyone involved.